8 Zodiacs Who Are Likely To Get Married In 2023!

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1) Aries

When you get excited, you can't be stopped. You can get married in March or the summer...

2) Taurus

If you don't go far away for a wedding in the sun, you might be good at weddings in the winter. No matter what, you will get married in February or October.

3) Gemini

The month of May wants you to go see the mayor! Will you give in to the urge?

4) Virgo

Even though you have some fears, love has you almost ready to get married in March, April, May, or October.

5) Libra

Your heart is so ecstatic that it wants to say YES in March, June, and possibly September...

6) Scorpio

You could shock everyone with a wedding announcement between October and the end of 2023, following the ups and downs of the year.

7) Sagittarius

You may tie the knot in March or the summer and celebrate with a lavish wedding meal...

8) Capricorn

Could you get married in May? In any event, by 2023, you might be wearing the ring!

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