9 Best Cat Breeds Suitable For Apartments!

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1) American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a medium-sized cat that does not require a great deal of space as long as they are at your side. This friendly cat enjoys human company.

2) Birman

This breed does not require a large amount of area to roam as long as it is with its owner. Birmans are gregarious and like playing, especially the game of chase.

3) British Shorthair

Although the British Shorthair enjoys lying about, it is not a lap cat. However, they will affectionately wait at your side to be petted.

4) Burmese

They enjoy cuddling and playing and will be content in a smaller place as long as they receive sufficient care.

5) Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a loving cat that enjoys nothing more than sleeping cuddled up on your lap or on a cushion, but they do require modest exercise.

6) Maine Coon

The size of this breed may lead you to believe that they require a larger living space, yet they are really laid-back and like lounging.

7) Persian

This is one type of dog that may live well in a small place, as they spend most of their time sleeping and have earned the nickname "furniture with fur."

8) Ragdoll

Another huge breed that seems like it wouldn't be happy in a smaller space is the Ragdoll. This calm and placid cat actually doesn't need very much space to feel at home.

9) Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a petite, peaceful cat with a blue/grey coat that doesn't shed much. They're loving yet not needy.

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