9 Best Therapy Dog Breeds!

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1) Labrador Retriever

Because of their great size, they are ideal for some sorts of therapy, such as guiding individuals through difficult situations.

2) Golden Retriever

Despite their size, they are courteous of the vulnerable, and their wide, soppy grins make them appear kind and approachable.

3) Poodle

Poodles were initially used as gun dogs as well! They are friendly, intelligent dogs who do not shed, allowing them to socialize safely with allergy sufferers.

4) Bichon Frise

They're incredibly friendly and get along with everyone. They don't shed much and are lively without being crazy. Their lengthy coats are also incredibly tactile to touch.

5) Cavalier King Charles

The Cavalier's all-around beauty, regal grace, and even temper, according to the American Kennel Club, "identify him as one of dogdom's noblemen."

6) Dachshunds

They were originally bred as badger hunting dogs in Germany and are extremely interested and friendly, making them excellent companions.

7) Yorkshire Terrier

The world's first therapy dog is believed to have been a Yorkie named Smoky, who visited hospitalized World War II soldiers.

8) Maltese

Considered one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, Maltese resemble plush toys with their long coats and melting eyes.

9) Border Collie

They enjoy being praised and become bored if left alone for too long, therefore most will enjoy being therapy dogs.

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