9 Plants That Are Poisonous To Dogs!

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1) Aloe

Unfortunately, the gooey gel, which is prized for its calming properties, has two components that are harmful to dogs if swallowed.

2) Golden pothos

Golden pothos, which resembles ivy and is also toxic to dogs, contains insoluble calcium oxalates, glass-like crystals that can cause significant discomfort if consumed.

3) Milkweed

Certain species possess cardiotoxins that impact an animal's heart, while others include neurotoxins that can alter organ function and mental state.

4) Sago palm

The sago palm is a popular indoor plant because it is green, gorgeous, and easy to grow. However, it is harmful to dogs, so pet owners should keep it out of the house.

5) Azaleas

Unfortunately, all elements of the azalea plant, including the flowers, leaves, seeds, and even honey made from the nectar, are toxic to dogs.

6) Tulips

The blooms and stalks are poisonous, and the bulbs are very hazardous if eaten. Ingestion symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, and even depression.

7) Dumb cane

This sturdy, green low-light indoor houseplant is attractive, but keep the tropical dumb cane out of reach of canines.

8) Elephant's ear

If your dog eats it, you'll need to go to the vet right away to watch for symptoms and treat them.

9) Oleander

Oleander, which is known for its tall height and white or pink flowers, is another plant that is dangerous for dogs.

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