Are Pit Bull Terriers Good Pets?

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Pit bull terriers have a long history of being known as violent dogs. Pit bulls may have the worst reputation of any canine breed.


Good Owners Create Good Dogs, Including American Pit Bull Terriers. When raised by conscientious owners, pit bull terriers make terrific pets for families.

Their history!

Pit bulls are descendants of the English bull-baiting dog, which was trained to bait huge wildlife such as bulls and bears. 

What were they use for?

These smaller, more nimble pit bull terriers were subsequently bred for two distinct purposes. Others were bred as companion animals or for employment.

So are the aggressive?

Nope. Even canines employed for fighting had to be manageable by humans; hence, breeding programs did not contain aggressive dogs.

So, the conclusion is

It's impossible to predict the personality qualities a puppy will receive, but no breed is universally sweet or dangerous. 


Moreover, the environment influences a dog's temperament just as much as their genes.

Even a dog with a genetic inclination to react to other canines, for instance, can be educated early on to play well with others, so reducing future violence.

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