Best Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners!

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1) Ragdoll

Ragdolls are bred to be friendly, low-maintenance, and cuddly. Even their name derives from their tendency to become limp and floppy when picked up.

2) Siamese

If you want a cat that is both cuddly and communicative, a Siamese may be the right choice. Siamese cats are amiable, sociable, and adore human companionship.

3) Maine Coon

Coons from Maine are as large in stature as they are in personality. These enormous felines adore human companionship and their families. 

4) Scottish Fold

With folded-down ears and a very adaptable personality, the Scottish Fold is an endearing, low-maintenance cat that would be an excellent choice for first-time cat owners.

5) Persian

With its low activity level and luxurious coat, the Persian is a stunning cat that may catch the eye of a first-time cat owner.

6) Bengal

Bengals are stunning cats that are equally as energetic as they are attractive. They are self-assured and faithful, so they will gladly meet visitors to your home.

7) Birman

Kind, friendly, and typically quiet, Birman cats are affectionate. They have a pleasant, chirping meow, but typically speak extremely softly.

8) Russian Blue

They are extremely sensitive to the mood of their owners, so if you're feeling bad, they may offer you solace through cuddles.

9) Domestic Shorthair

If you're looking for a cat who is grateful to be in a warm house and can cuddle with you on the couch, these affectionate felines may be your best bet.

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