Best Indoor Cat Breeds

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1) Sphynx

They enjoy playing but are as content to relax and stay indoors. It's also beneficial for them because this cat has sensitive skin and does not perform well outside.

2) Ragdoll

Because they are docile and not clever, streetwise cats, they are better suited to life indoors. They're also low-maintenance.

3) Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a cute and playful pet with its trademark curled ears and yellow or orange eyes. Because of their sociable nature, this cat is best kept inside.

4) Himalayan

As long as you give them lots of love and attention, these cats are content to spend their time indoors playing and lounging.

5) Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a smart breed that, while content staying inside, requires a lot of exercise and mental challenges.

6) Siamese

These clever felines talk constantly and loudly. They are very attached to their owners and would cheerfully accompany them around all day long.

7) Burmese

This affable breed will convert cat-haters. They love people and want to participate in everything, making them wonderful house cats.

8) Persian

The Persian cat is a calm, placid cat who wants nothing more than to be pampered. They are not known for being particularly energetic and prefer to be indulged and cuddled.

9) British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a laid-back, easygoing cat who is fine to be kept indoors as long as they are entertained and receive adequate mental and physical activity.

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