Do Cats Really Watch TV?

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Why do so many of our feline friends prefer lounging in front of the television? Is it because they want to be close to their human companions? Or do cats watch television?

Can cats see screens?

Cats can perceive and recognize moving images on a screen, but only if the refresh rate is at least 50Hz. They can see something fast-paced, loud, and entertaining.

Do they watch TV?

Cats can watch TV but won't grasp it. Animals don't grasp story, tension, or language, which isn't surprising.

What do they see?

In the event that they observe a swift moving object, they may take action. Also, loud, unexpected noises and visuals of possible prey may heighten their curiosity.

While they could be interested in the antics of a few on-screen mice, they don't actually "watch" the screen; rather, they merely coexist with it.

What interest them?

Cats will watch TV with you, but not for the show. Rapid pictures, loud noises, and dazzling lights may interest them.

However, there are situations in which a cat could enjoy watching TV not just for the sake of cuddling and snuggling.

What about video games?

Video games are the finest way to attract your cat's attention. Games have a greater refresh rate and faster content.

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