Dog Breeds That Are Friendly With Cats!

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1) Pomeranian

Small and self-assured, these intelligent and devoted dogs are simple to train to accept a cat.

2) English setter

Affectionate, sociable, and mild-mannered, English setters love the companionship of all animals, including cats.

3) Shih tzu

When it comes to socializing dogs and cats, it's crucial to have dogs as adaptable as these.

4) Pug

Pugs are the life of the party because they are inquisitive, loyal, and hilarious. Funny and sociable, they make excellent pets for feline friends.

5) Italian greyhound

Your kitty and these mild-mannered canines have something in common: they both enjoy basking in the sun.

6) Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The Cavalier will immediately become inseparable from an outgoing, friendly cat.

7) American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is affectionate as well as intelligent, vigilant, and mischievous.

8) Newfoundland

These large, placid animals are reliable and dependable. Their relaxed demeanor goes well with a cat's.

9) English bulldog

Bulldogs may despise the company of other dogs, but they typically get along well with cats. They might even become their feline companion's bodyguard!

10) Beagle

The sociability and friendliness of beagles, combined with their low territorial tendency, make them ideal for living with cats.

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