These 9 Cities Will Be Unaffordable in the 5 Years!

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1) Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester home prices dropped in September compared to August, with a median of $385,000. But that's a 4.1% year-over-year gain.

2) Lakeland, Florida

Florida's home prices have risen so rapidly in recent years that retirees are being priced out of the market.

3) Bakersfield, California

Price increases may be more rapid in Bakersfield than in other locations because the city is not as pricey as some others in California.

4) Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Jersey shore isn't cheap, though. The median home price in September was $212,500, which is a significant rise of 51.8% from one year earlier.

5) Madison, Wisconsin

Redfin reports that the median price of a property in September was $355,200, up 6% from the same month a year ago.

6) Tucson, Arizona

Buyers from San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles are relocating to Tucson in search of retirement or more reasonably priced housing.

7) Idaho Falls, Idaho

Housing costs in Idaho Falls have gone up during the past year. Redfin reports that the median property price in the area is $473,000, up 2.6% from the previous year.

8) Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis' median home price in September was $332,750, up 2.4% from the median price in September 2021.

9) Boulder, Colorado

As of September 2022, the median price of a home in the city was a stunning $965,000, up 11% from the same month the previous year.

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