Ways To Reject Date Rightly

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Rejection is one of the most challenging aspects of dating, both being rejected and having to reject someone else.

How To Tell?

How do you tell someone that they "should" be your type, but you're not very interested in them?

1) Warn about bad news

This prepares them rather than lulling them into a false sense of security, as constructive criticism may. Inform the person of the impending bad news.

2) Apologize beforehand

This lessens the recipient's reaction to you. ' Use phrases like "I'm sorry," "I apologize," and "I'm sorry there's no other way to say it."

3) Tell the truth

Tell the person the truth and anything more you think they should know. Give them your reasoning for declining to work with them.

4) Leave them with positive thoughts

Tell them all you appreciate about them and the wonderful characteristics you've noticed in them. People will always remember your last remarks.

Why breakup news is hard?

1) Backlash is possible: No one wants to be the bearer of bad news. You are the messenger, and as the old proverb goes, "don't shoot the messenger."

2) The fear of not being liked: Nobody wants to be characterized as the bad guy even if they haven't done anything wrong.

3) Guilt over hurting someone's feelings: It's unpleasant to think about disappointing or hurting someone's feelings, especially when they've done nothing wrong.

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