Zodiac Signs Known To Be Most Vulnerable!

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Some may view vulnerability as an emotional weakness, while others view it as the exact opposite. It takes bravery to express your true colors.

However, sometimes the most vulnerable among us are unaware of their vulnerability. Astrologers were consulted to determine who possesses this attribute.

6) Virgo

They are a constant Earth sign but seasonal mutability. Inconsistency makes the sign vulnerable when life plans go awry.

5) Aries

This sign has a high susceptibility to "get rich quick" schemes. They rush into things without first considering all the factors involved.

4) Leo

The health of this sign is dependent on the approval of others; when this is threatened, a vulnerable and self-conscious individual emerges.

3) Scorpio

While they may appear hostile at times, this is really a defense mechanism they have developed to keep their vulnerable emotions at bay.

2) Pisces

Pisces sees the world through rose-colored glasses. They're the type to take in strays or help strangers, which might lead to abuse.

1) Cancer

Ruled by the mysterious and mutable Moon, Cancers struggle to keep their concerns and insecurities under control and are extremely sensitive to others' pain.

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