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What to Do on a Long Ride?

    The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you and your friends are heaped into a car. You roll down the windows and crank up the tunes as you cruise down the open road. The mundane disappears, and a spirit of adventure takes its place.

    But, when the initial excitement wears off, and you’re forced to spend countless hours in the car, a general sense of boredom can set in. Therefore, something must be done to make the journey exciting. But what to do on a long ride? How to make it interesting?

    Actually, we have come up with a list of ideas that can make your ride amazing, fun & interesting. If you can follow these ideas & you will definitely enjoy the long ride & have great memories of the ride. Let’s get started!

    What to Do on a Long Ride?

    Here is the list of things & activities to do during a long ride:

    1) A Podcast Will Work!

    Yes, the same thing that keeps you entertained during your morning commute will also keep your family and friends occupied during your car trip. During a long road trip, it’s a great idea to listen to podcasts, which typically last between 30 minutes and an hour or longer.

    It’s a cross between listening to music and listening to an audiobook, and you can find podcasts on virtually any subject. Likewise, almost any topic can be found in a podcast, and they can be entertaining, informative, or a combination of the two.

    2) Listen to Stand-up Comedy

    As of recently, Spotify users have access to a library of stand-up comedy sets. So it’s nice to switch things up from podcasts and music and replace the droning silence with some hilarity. So laugh it off with this collection of comedic videos I put together to keep you occupied.

    3) Conversations and Stories

    Prepare some topics of discussion to share with your fellow travelers. A car trip is a great opportunity to have in-depth conversations, think through complex issues, and come up with new solutions. Additionally, you can learn a great deal about yourself and the people you travel with.

    Have a few stories ready to tell if the conversation dies down or the audiobook gets old. You could even pick a debate topic to get some interesting talk going.

    4) Listen To Your Road Trip Playlist

    Numerous things are brought to the table by music. It can help you remain alert while driving, provide something to sing along with, and provide energy. But, of course, there is no better feeling than cruising down an open highway while listening to road trip classics such as “Sweet Home Alabama” or old-school Taylor Swift.

    Create a playlist for the entire car based on everyone’s favorite songs, or create your own playlist that you can listen to with headphones if the driver is listening to boring talk radio.

    5) State License Plate Game

    Because a classic never goes out of style, you might remember this activity from your childhood. But first, create a list of all fifty states either beforehand or while driving. 

    Then, as each individual discovers a license plate from a new state, they may cross it off their list. The winner is the first person to cross off all fifty states (or the highest number of states).

    6) The Movie Game

    One person names an actor or actress, and the next person must name a film in which that actor or actress starred. The next person must then name another actress or actor from the same film, and so on.

    7) Play Games On Your Phone With Others

    You can play a game of Words with Friends or any number of other cooperatives, or mobile phone games with your partner or the kids while traveling. You can play games solo if you like, but it’s more entertaining to have a group competition.

    8) Call A Common Friend or Family Member

    A car ride can be a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family members if everyone in the car knows each other’s phone numbers.

    Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to catch up with grandma in a while and could all use a phone call with her while on the road together. Anyone who has the opportunity to do so should take advantage of the resulting downtime by reaching out to friends and family.

    9) Watch A Movie or Show

    We can take our favorite shows and movies with us wherever we go, thanks to the proliferation of portable media players, from tablets to smartphones. So get your favorite shows or movies ready to watch on your device and enjoy the long drive.

    Those riding in the backseat can watch a movie without getting out of their seats by purchasing a tablet holder that can be hung from the headrest.

    10) Have A Snack

    Create adorable sandwich faces, vibrant desserts, or anything else amusing to eat, such as a Lunchable, to occupy some time and turn eating on the road trip into an event rather than just something you have to do.

    11) Learn a New Language

    Taking a long road trip? Here’s what you should do. Consider learning a new language to broaden your horizons. A language learning app can be played for the entire car to listen to, or each person can learn the language independently if others aren’t interested in doing so.

    Bottom Line

    So these are the 11 things you can do if you are wondering what to do on a long ride. Preparation is the key to a stress-free road trip, regardless of your final destination. 

    Pack a lot of fun things to do and eat so that you can eat on the go if you like. Make sure to prepare an excellent road trip playlist as well; listening to music can help pass the time quickly.

    We hope this article was helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!